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Sneak Away to Any Corner of The Globe

Redirect your focus from the negativity and chaos in life to the serenity, majesty and wonder of this beautiful world.

Beautiful Views Bring Beautiful Benefits

Take a step back to refocus, explore, and start living your Vista life.


Vista gives our users the opportunity to interact with other like-minded people without the white noise. No news, no politics, no traditional social media distractions, nothing but beautiful vistas and a lifestyle that promotes wellness, exploration, and self-care.


Take relaxation to another level with Vista. Let beautiful settings from around the world aid you in meditation, daily affirmation, or listen to your favorite playlist for ultimate relaxation.

Mental Health

Stress and anxiety have become commonplace in our society. Through nature’s magic, Vista focuses on gratitude, hope, and inspiration while promoting peace, reflection and accomplishment.


Check out Vista views to find inspiration and explore new places. From beaches and mountains, to countryside, cityscapes and more Vista has you covered. Users can also win free accommodations to some of our premier locations in Vista contests!

Connect With Nature, Wellness And Travel Enthusiasts Throughout the World

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  • Live Cameras

Vista users have 24/7 access to live video streams showcasing beautiful sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, and more from spectacular locations.

  • Share Your Vista

Vista users can upload and share videos and pictures of their own views with the Vista community. Upload that picture you took on vacation. Share the video of the sunrise you took at the beach. Inspire others by sharing your view!

  • Prize Contests

Vista offers users live contests for various prizes, to include cash and travel getaways. Users can enter free contests by uploading their photos and videos or just enjoy by voting for their favorite vistas.

  • Vista Library

Selected videos and pictures capturing the most majestic moments are archived in the Vista library to enjoy anytime.

  • Online Community

Through Vista, users can connect with nature, wellness and travel enthusiasts throughout the world. Share and comment on your favorite views as the community enjoys breathtaking views together. Join a community eager to experience the world with you.

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We are excited to invite you to join our beta testing program for the Vista App! As a beta tester, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to explore new features and provide valuable feedback that will help shape the future of the app.

Why Become a Beta Tester?

1. Early Access: Be among the first to experience the latest features and updates.

2. Influence Development: Your feedback will directly impact improvements and new features.

3. Community Engagement: Connect with other passionate users and share your insights.

How It Works:

1. Sign Up: Register to become a beta tester by filling out our sign-up form.

2. Test the App: Use the Vista App throughout the month of July, exploring features such as watching live webcams, uploading videos and pictures, commenting on posts, and searching by interest.

3. Provide Feedback: At the end of the month complete our beta testing feedback survey to share your experiences and suggestions.

4. Win a Prize: By completing the survey, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a $500 Visa Gift Card as a token of our appreciation.

Thank you for helping us make the Vista App the best it can be. Together, we can create an amazing experience for all users.

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  • Each user’s Vista experience is customizable to personal preferences.

  • Begin your day with a live stream sunrise.

  • Take a moment in the afternoon to sneak away to a breathtaking mountain peak.

  • Share the view from your latest hike or enjoy a sunset with other Vista seekers.

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